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NC Clean Energy Evolution

Executive Orders from Governor Roy Cooper

Executive Order NO. 80
North Carolina's Commitment to Address Climate Change and Transition to a Clean Energy Economy

Executive Order NO. 218
Advancing North Carolina's Economic and Clean Energy Future with Offshore Wind

Executive Order NO. 246
North Carolina's Transformation to a Clean, Equitable Economy 

Executive Order NO. 271
Growing North Carolina's Zero-Emission Vehicle Market

Executive Order NO. 292
Advancing Environmental Justice for North Carolina


STEPs4GROWTH (S4G) trains North Carolinians for careers in clean energy through the North Carolina Business Committee for Education.

EVeryone Charging Forward
NCBCE was selected as an inaugural partner in the EVeryone Charging Forward™ program, a $30-million, 10-year initiative of the Siemens Foundation to create accessible career pathways in the EV manufacturing and charging sectors. The program was created in response to the rapid growth of the EV charging sector resulting in significant demand for skilled workers across the industry. EVeryone Charging Forward seeks to ensure and scale equitable opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds and meaningfully contribute to the decarbonization and strengthening of the U.S. economy. Wake Tech will be offering an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment course this summer. 

NC Commerce
NC Commerce Awards Grants to Local Workforce Boards Supporting Sector Partnerships for Advanced Manufacturing & Clean Energy

NC Office of State Budget and Management 
Provides ongoing support for new grant applications and federal funding opportunities.

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